вторник, 26 април 2011 г.

Somewhere over the rainbow..is Elisa!

Photos taken from: Altamira, All the pretty birds, Citizen Couture, Vanessa Jackman, Garance Dore, Harper's Bazaar, GastroChic, ezine1.com

A little bit of a photo overload, but I couldn't resist on making a post about her. Elisa Nalin is a huge source of inspiration. Not only is she a very beautiful woman, but she also has a great style. With all her bright outfits and bold colour blocking she creates great combinations that are so fresh and energizing for this season. And she's not that extravagant and eccentric as Anna Dello Russo, which also wins her points in my book.


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В 26 април 2011 г., 14:01 ч. , Blogger M.Weston каза...

J'adore les couleurs vitaminées/fluo/flashy/birhts, appelez comme vous voulez, mais je craque sur cette tendance de l'été 2011
Très belles photos, j'aime bcp le jaune, et aussi le vert menthe...

très belle photon, j'avoue beaucoup aimer l'atmosphère qui s'en échappe !

j'aime beaucoup ton blog!


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В 26 април 2011 г., 15:44 ч. , Blogger le sorelle каза...

she really does have such a classic, elegant style! fabulous pictures - thanks for sharing!

sorelle in style

В 26 април 2011 г., 22:53 ч. , Blogger uhooi каза...

great pictures!!xx

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В 27 април 2011 г., 2:58 ч. , Blogger Thrift_Queen каза...

става ми хубаво от всичките тези цветове...:)
Благодаря ти за милите коментари:)


В 27 април 2011 г., 3:38 ч. , Blogger the nyanzi report каза...

every time i saw her, she was always smiling. great style.

В 27 април 2011 г., 5:16 ч. , Blogger Vera каза...

Great looks, love all the colours xx

В 27 април 2011 г., 5:18 ч. , Blogger Mila каза...

Oh she is amazing with colors!

В 27 април 2011 г., 5:41 ч. , Blogger Katheyn Volikos каза...

great post!


В 27 април 2011 г., 7:36 ч. , Blogger anies каза...

BLUE BLAZER! I love! Beautiful and very oryginall sets:)

В 27 април 2011 г., 8:49 ч. , Blogger Christine каза...

She's fabulous and that is ONE colourful wardrobe she must have :) x

Christine @ Fash-n-Chips.com

В 27 април 2011 г., 14:39 ч. , Blogger mari b. каза...

she's such an amazing inspiration.
absolute colour perfection!


В 28 април 2011 г., 10:31 ч. , Blogger Plami каза...

Наистина е страхотна! Прелест!



В 15 май 2011 г., 3:16 ч. , Blogger Shinigami_U каза...

Talk about colourfull clothes.



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