сряда, 27 април 2011 г.

It surely does

Today's post is not very much connected with fashion. But just had to post this beautiful photo which G took two days ago while we were hanging out. The interesting thing about it is that the electric post actually is disfunctional. It doesn't have wires. And the blooming tree was so beautiful and it smelled like heaven, with hundreds of bees buzzing around it. I made some colour corrections afterwards and added the text, cause I really liked how it corresponds with the general idea.
Hope you like it :)


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В 27 април 2011 г., 15:12 ч. , Blogger Fashionistable каза...

Beautiful blossom. Heart warming. Xxxx

В 28 април 2011 г., 10:30 ч. , Blogger Plami каза...

Страхотна снимка! И дано наистина за всичко си има причина и всяко зло е за добро :)




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