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My little treasury

This post is going to be e little bit more personal. Yesterday G left for Bosnia and Herzegovina for the weekend. We hope he’s going to take many great photos to share with you later. Until then, I decided to show you some of my treasures. I call them that way, because each one of them is really precious to me. Because all of them have their histoy and I have a special feeling to every single piece. Let me tell you their stories…

The silver ring

My Mom found this silver ring on the street in a cold winter day a couple of years ago. Since she wears gold, she gave it to me. I love it, although I don't wear it very often because it's quite uncomfortable.

The Miss Sixty watch
A Christmas present from G in 2009. That time I was gone crazy about Miss Sixty watches and jewellery and I desperately wanted to buy a watch. So it was really a great present. And I love its design, I call it 'Dracula' because it looks to me like a coffin. Actually the real name of the model is Sixty Star :)

The Roxy pendant
Another present from G. He gave me this little Roxy pendant last year when I was studying hard for my term exams. It definitely gave me strength and will to pass all of them. :)

The Comme des Garçons inspired skirt
My Mom sewed me this skirt from a fabric she bought for herself couple of years ago. I recently found it and it instantly reminded me of that Comme des Garçons Shirt striped skirt. And since I'm not very good at sewing (unfortunately), I begged her to sew me a skirt from the fabric. She wasn't very keen on my request at first(she sews very rarely as she has much other work to do), but I think she was also pleased by the final result.

That's all for now, if you're interested I can show you some other pieces from my closet sometime. :)


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В 29 април 2011 г., 7:39 ч. , Blogger THE CHEAP каза...

Beautiful blog.

Following. =)



В 29 април 2011 г., 7:59 ч. , Anonymous Анонимен каза...

me gusta mucho el blog,
las fotos son muy bonitas!!
me gusta el anillo



В 29 април 2011 г., 8:46 ч. , Blogger Kristen Leotsakou каза...

im in love with that watch! <3

В 29 април 2011 г., 9:35 ч. , Blogger Thrift_Queen каза...

the skirt rocks :)

В 29 април 2011 г., 10:50 ч. , Blogger ChiccaStyle каза...

I am totally in love with your ring!!!

В 29 април 2011 г., 11:16 ч. , Blogger Fashionable and me♥ каза...

Beautiful ring and skirt!

В 29 април 2011 г., 12:21 ч. , Blogger Pieter каза...

Love the ring and skirt! xo


В 29 април 2011 г., 14:00 ч. , Blogger Ria :) каза...

loveee that ring :)
You have such a lovely blog i shall be visiting it again :)



В 29 април 2011 г., 14:52 ч. , Blogger Tony SHT каза...

Ohh пръстенът наистина си е цяло съкровище!

В 29 април 2011 г., 16:59 ч. , Blogger Sarah каза...

The MissSixty watch is so pretty.



В 30 април 2011 г., 2:09 ч. , Blogger the nyanzi report каза...

that watch is superb-looking. great stuff you've got here especially that skirt.

В 30 април 2011 г., 4:52 ч. , Blogger Stiene S. каза...

I love the ring! x

В 30 април 2011 г., 5:56 ч. , Anonymous Анонимен каза...

the DIY skirt looks great! i think american apparel also makes similar skirt, but doing it yourself is so much more fun!


В 30 април 2011 г., 7:13 ч. , Blogger --Sanam-- каза...

That DIY skirt your mum made is fab, looks very identical to the designer one, she's clearly very good at making things :D

Day By Diva
Day By Diva
Day By Diva

В 30 април 2011 г., 16:29 ч. , Blogger The Style Rawr каза...

We love your silver ring- it's so unique.

We're now following you, please follow us back! :)

T & J



В 2 май 2011 г., 2:29 ч. , Blogger Elle каза...

that skirt is just perfect! Compliments to your mum ;)


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