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The party coat

Source: Vogue UK, may 2008

Just can't get my eyes off this amazingly beautiful coat by Giambattista Valli. I love just everything about it - the structure, the colour, the whole cocoon-type outline.. Just everything -from the only button it has got, to the ending of the sleeves.
And given that it dates couple of seasons back - it's from a collection in 2008 (which in the world of fashion is like decades ago), makes it even more covetable. It will stand so fresh and right in place in spring 2011 too. Or at least that's how I see things.


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В 5 май 2011 г., 9:19 ч. , Blogger Francesca Felix каза...

beautiful! the structure is amazing

В 5 май 2011 г., 11:53 ч. , Blogger the nyanzi report каза...

Any thing by Valli, I love. This looks amazing.

В 5 май 2011 г., 22:14 ч. , Blogger THE CHEAP каза...

The design is CRAZY. Proof that fashion is art first.


В 6 май 2011 г., 0:30 ч. , Blogger Thrift_Queen каза...

O da:))


В 6 май 2011 г., 8:06 ч. , Blogger Fashionistable каза...

Wow to the coat. Xxxx

В 6 май 2011 г., 10:36 ч. , Blogger vintage process каза...


В 6 май 2011 г., 11:55 ч. , Blogger Rachella каза...


В 7 май 2011 г., 11:44 ч. , Blogger ZORNITSA каза...

gorgeous, I want it now in my closet!


В 7 май 2011 г., 12:18 ч. , Blogger Phuong каза...

great pink color!

Travel In Style

В 7 май 2011 г., 13:32 ч. , Blogger Maddalena каза...


В 7 май 2011 г., 14:00 ч. , Blogger Mila каза...

Oh it is amazing!

В 8 май 2011 г., 1:02 ч. , Blogger Sassi каза...

this coat is really adorable!

В 9 май 2011 г., 5:17 ч. , Blogger Storm каза...

this is so stunning, I've been looking around on you're blog for a while now, and i really love the vibe of it!

В 10 май 2011 г., 2:58 ч. , Blogger cecylia.com каза...

oh my- what an amazing pink jacket! You should see my Roksanda Ilincic one :)


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