вторник, 3 май 2011 г.

The sheltering sky

Just came across this photo session of Jessica Stam in the May 2008 edition of Vogue UK. The session is called 'The Sheltering Sky' and it's nothing but amazing!
Needless to say how incredibly beautiful she is, photographer Patrick Demarchelier did a great job behind the lens too. Here's three shots from the session, which I liked most:

Model: Jessica Stam
Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier
Fashion editor: Lucinda Chambers
Vogue UK,
May 2008

I fell in love with that Marni dress in the first photo! :)


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В 3 май 2011 г., 13:04 ч. , Blogger augustalolita каза...

gorgeous photos!! and i love the outfits, the all look amazing <3

В 3 май 2011 г., 13:14 ч. , Blogger the nyanzi report каза...

i'm entranced by the first look!

В 3 май 2011 г., 23:55 ч. , Blogger Francesca Felix каза...

these photos are beautiful!! love the first one
thanks for the comment on my blog!

В 4 май 2011 г., 5:15 ч. , Blogger TOPCOAT каза...

these are SO beautiful, jessica looks like the most beautiful doll here! xx

В 4 май 2011 г., 5:25 ч. , Blogger Phuong каза...

great photos

Travel In Style

В 4 май 2011 г., 6:20 ч. , Blogger Lynzy каза...

What a gorgeous model and editorial!

xo Lynzy

В 4 май 2011 г., 8:25 ч. , Blogger Fashion Celebration каза...

she is so beautiful... and those dark lips... perfect!!!


В 4 май 2011 г., 9:12 ч. , Blogger Sassi каза...

great pics. love her black lipstick!

В 4 май 2011 г., 10:43 ч. , Blogger Plami каза...

Truly gorgeous! She's perfect!



В 4 май 2011 г., 10:59 ч. , Blogger Julie Khuu каза...

Yes! That pink Marni is gorgeously graphic and perfect for spring! She looks amazing as usual, thanks for sharing the shots!


Haute Khuuture Blog

В 4 май 2011 г., 11:19 ч. , Blogger Sara Ferreira каза...

awesome pics!!! cool blog!! check out mine

В 4 май 2011 г., 11:23 ч. , Blogger Tony SHT каза...

боже, влюбих се в този поглед!

В 4 май 2011 г., 12:02 ч. , Blogger Rachella каза...

Like these pics!

В 4 май 2011 г., 13:45 ч. , Blogger Rosa Pel каза...

she is so gorgeous ! nice selection !
i follow you !

В 4 май 2011 г., 22:33 ч. , Anonymous Анонимен каза...

yep love those pictures to!!
stop by my blog if you like

В 5 май 2011 г., 0:38 ч. , Blogger Raya каза...

хей, мерси за готините коментари! тъй като издирваме бг блогъри ще се радваме да се присъедините към 'групата'ни;)) може да ме намерите във facebook - Raya Bozhkova ;)

В 6 май 2011 г., 8:04 ч. , Blogger Fashionistable каза...

This was a wonderful shoot. Patrick is amazing. Xxxx

В 9 май 2011 г., 20:12 ч. , Anonymous kates каза...

beautiful photos and styles!! also love the dark lip stick and was happy to see it!


В 11 май 2011 г., 5:33 ч. , Blogger It-Blogirls каза...

Amazing pictures and selection! Love it!

В 11 май 2011 г., 13:47 ч. , Blogger Vanessa, Take only Memories каза...

Amazing photos! I'd love to have a huge bow like that!


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