вторник, 23 август 2011 г.

Better late than not at all

While probably most of you are already thinking about fall, for us the summer has barely started. Tomorrow we're heading to one increadibly beautiful place at the Black sea seaside, where we'll stay for three weeks if everything goes on plan. We promise to stay tuned and post nice photos as regularly as it's possible :)
And since for us the summer doesn't end until October, after our Black sea holiday we're planning going on a surf trip to a Greek island. Fingers crossed nothing stands in our way to that so desired September holiday :)

photo: bees and bugs 

bees and bugs

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В 23 август 2011 г., 14:46 , Blogger Bad Joan каза...

Endless summer!!!


В 23 август 2011 г., 22:00 , Blogger Maycie After Five каза...

So excited for you. How fun! Hope you enjoy.

В 23 август 2011 г., 22:18 , Blogger Become a true Goddess каза...

Много готина снимка :)

В 23 август 2011 г., 23:47 , Anonymous Анонимен каза...

Yay for fun in the sun! There's nothing like it :)

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

talking all things French

В 24 август 2011 г., 8:29 , Anonymous THE CHEAP каза...

Aww. I love this photo. And SOOOO jealous about your Greek surf trip!


В 24 август 2011 г., 11:50 , Blogger Plami каза...

Страхотна снимка!

В 25 август 2011 г., 7:45 , Blogger Mónica C. Welton каза...

nice pic.


В 25 август 2011 г., 15:04 , Blogger HAUNTED-FASHION каза...

We love the summer haha!! nice picture

xHajar & Mounia

В 26 август 2011 г., 9:59 , Blogger Flaviana Boni каза...

lovely pic!

Check out my new outfit post!
Dress up for armageddon

В 27 август 2011 г., 14:55 , Anonymous Анонимен каза...

OMG I envy you:D It's cold cold cold in here!

The French Bun

В 28 август 2011 г., 7:03 , Blogger Unknown каза...

cool!!! love it!!!

xoxo from rome

В 28 август 2011 г., 13:27 , Blogger Fashion Dawgs каза...

Great photo! I wish I could go on holiday!

Fashion Dawgs

В 29 август 2011 г., 5:21 , Blogger Laura Bray каза...

I live in Australia and summer is getting closer and closer for us! I can't wait :)

-Laura xoxo

В 31 август 2011 г., 11:31 , Blogger The PvdH Journal каза...

Since yesterday I'm actually kind of excited for the fall already! But OMG this picture makes me crave to have had some actual summer!



В 1 септември 2011 г., 14:26 , Blogger Unknown каза...

Ох....3 седмици...завиждам ви :) Приятно прекарване на моренцето!

В 2 септември 2011 г., 12:35 , Blogger Unknown каза...

cool!!! i love it!

xoxo from rome


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