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If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck...

Then.. it's a customized Mandarina Duck handbag :)

It belonged to my Mom and it's quite old and a bit worn out at the angles. But I loved it the minute I found it at the bottom of her wardrobe. Didn't like the handles, though. It had one long adjustable handle that made the design a bit old fashioned and it was quite shabby. So.. what else could I do, but start another DIY project?

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Firstly, I removed the handle. It actually turned into a nice clutch that way..but that wasn't the point :)
Then I made four big holes next to each other on the two sides of the top of the bag's flap. Most of the chain handbags have the holes perpendicular to the flap, but in my case the material and the bag's shape were such, that the holes had to be positioned parallel on it.The flap was very thick, which is why I needed my Dad's help a little bit there :)
I cut the original handle in two halves as one to be thin enough to go through the chain.

I bought the biggest possible ring studs(dunno what exactly are they called in English) and nailed them around the holes. Then I layed the chain through each one of the four holes, glued together the leather bands of the handle, clipped together the two chain links as for the handle to become unbroken..and voila! 

The bag can be worn with one long strap when the outer chains are pulled up so the inner go down and elongate the outer ones. Or, as in the picture below, it can be worn with two shorter straps.

The whole thing is no big deal actually, but I loved the result and I think the bag would go perfectly together with my beige trenchcoat!
However...I don't have shoes to match it with....:) :) :)


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В 18 август 2011 г., 14:23 ч. , Blogger The PvdH Journal каза...

Very cool indeed!


В 18 август 2011 г., 16:49 ч. , Blogger Devin каза...

Such a cool idea! What a pretty bag!


В 18 август 2011 г., 19:20 ч. , Blogger Clara Turbay каза...

great yellow bag.


В 19 август 2011 г., 2:53 ч. , Blogger Plami каза...

You did a great job with the bag!

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В 19 август 2011 г., 4:15 ч. , Blogger Flaviana Boni каза...

nice bag dear!

Dress up for armageddon

В 19 август 2011 г., 4:23 ч. , Blogger Zornitsa каза...

Страхотна идея!

В 19 август 2011 г., 5:27 ч. , Blogger Sianna каза...

Мисля, че се е получило много добре!

В 19 август 2011 г., 9:09 ч. , Blogger Lucija каза...

And it's gorgeous!



В 19 август 2011 г., 10:13 ч. , Blogger the nyanzi report каза...


В 19 август 2011 г., 12:27 ч. , Blogger Fashionistable каза...

Brilliant. This is a wonderful make over. I love it. Very creative. Xxxx

В 20 август 2011 г., 3:09 ч. , Anonymous Анонимен каза...

what a great DIY:D Mom's wardrobe always brings surprising things!

The French Bun

В 20 август 2011 г., 3:49 ч. , Blogger Gemma каза...

Great idea, love it so much!

Cheap is Chic

В 20 август 2011 г., 5:50 ч. , Blogger Jenny каза...

Love it!!!

В 20 август 2011 г., 7:17 ч. , Blogger Sabrina каза...

Well done!!

p.s: check out my giveaway!

В 20 август 2011 г., 8:11 ч. , Blogger madzia каза...

and look nice :)

В 20 август 2011 г., 22:22 ч. , Blogger Sharde каза...

love it! i love altering & making something personal :)

sharde @ the style projects

В 21 август 2011 г., 9:52 ч. , Blogger Irene's Closet каза...

Very nice work :)


В 21 август 2011 г., 11:32 ч. , Blogger Sassi каза...

wow, that's awesome!

В 21 август 2011 г., 20:28 ч. , Blogger Bad Joan каза...

The bag looks fantastic with the chain! Great job!


В 22 август 2011 г., 2:54 ч. , Blogger style point каза...

idea is great! how talented u r!!!looks great!
thanks for inspiration ;)

В 22 август 2011 г., 3:36 ч. , Blogger Liberty Walk Sara каза...

Beautiful bag! ;)


В 22 август 2011 г., 7:33 ч. , Blogger vintage process каза...


В 23 август 2011 г., 3:16 ч. , Blogger Angela каза...

Le petit sac est canon;)

Angela Donava

В 23 август 2011 г., 8:04 ч. , Blogger TOPCOAT каза...

Wow, well done. I love the way it turned out! xx

В 23 август 2011 г., 13:38 ч. , Blogger Tony SHT каза...

Получила се е страхотна чанта, браво!

В 24 август 2011 г., 14:56 ч. , Blogger Яна каза...

Интересна идея и много добра реализация.Поздравления и от мен за креативността! :-)

В 30 август 2011 г., 12:14 ч. , Blogger Gaby de Modacapital каза...

I love this yellow bag!

В 31 август 2011 г., 2:17 ч. , Blogger Cristina L. каза...

you've done an amazing thing!!! great idea !!! very ingenious!!


В 3 септември 2011 г., 3:49 ч. , Blogger Denni K. каза...

чантата е невероятна. именно в този цвят


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