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Mint dilemma (while we're gone)

First of all, we want to apologise for the recent lack of posts. G's camera got some virus on its' memory card and so many beautiful photos are gone now. We gave it to service and now we keep fingers crossed at least some of them to be saved. However, the main reason for our absence is the fact that it's the end of the semester in university and we have really hard final exams to cope with. The last exam is in two weeks and after that the real summer starts for us. :)
We can't wait for that time to come as we have something in mind connected with fashion and this blog, but we'll leave this talk for other time. Another reason why we want the summer holiday to come sooner is that we've got so many DIY ideas in mind and we can't wait to turn to actions and share the results with you!

As for today's post, it's about a skirt I bought in Istanbul, but haven't worn yet.
It's in mint color, which is quite popular this summer and I think it's gorgeous. Unfortunately, the skirt appears to be quite big for me, so I am planning to give it to a tailor to make it smaller in the waist in order to wear it more high-waisted.
The problem is, that I actually don't know how to wear it. I'm thinking a white tank, colorful bracelets and flat sandals as an option, and maybe a white blazer, but I'm not quite sure yet. So,I'm open to any opinions and advices.


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В 25 юни 2011 г., 7:09 ч. , Blogger Mode Junkie каза...

definitely a white tank top and maybe a waisted belt so you can wear it high waist!!

xoxo Mode Junkie

В 25 юни 2011 г., 11:59 ч. , Blogger julis каза...

love that skirt especially the color! its so nice.

kisses juli

В 25 юни 2011 г., 14:45 ч. , Blogger Rosa Pel каза...

really nice skirt !

В 26 юни 2011 г., 7:56 ч. , Blogger La Mode En Rose каза...

so pretty!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

В 26 юни 2011 г., 13:41 ч. , Blogger Maryjane каза...

I love pleated skirts, beautiful pics of them!

Maryjane xoxo

В 26 юни 2011 г., 13:49 ч. , Blogger Tony SHT каза...

Белият топ е наистина добра идея. Аз бих опитала и с нещо по-смело и цветно, като синьо, например :)

В 26 юни 2011 г., 14:23 ч. , Blogger Sisters and Sisters каза...

great skirt!

H&C from Amsterdam

В 26 юни 2011 г., 15:38 ч. , Blogger Sjaar каза...

I would wear it the way your suggesting yourself.

В 26 юни 2011 г., 17:27 ч. , Blogger Steffys Pros and Cons каза...

that green skirt is absolutely gorgeous!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

В 27 юни 2011 г., 5:07 ч. , Anonymous Phuong каза...

lovely skirt!

Travel in Style | New Blog

В 27 юни 2011 г., 11:34 ч. , Anonymous Анонимен каза...


XO Sahra

В 28 юни 2011 г., 15:39 ч. , Blogger Angela каза...

J'aime la jupe! C'est chouette!:)
Аngela Donava

В 29 юни 2011 г., 8:15 ч. , Blogger Fabrizia каза...

Hi! I like this post so much, pretty skirt!
If you want come and visit my blog, and if you like, follow me!


В 29 юни 2011 г., 9:07 ч. , Blogger Sassi каза...

wow, that skirt is gorgeous!

В 29 юни 2011 г., 13:07 ч. , Blogger Devil_kin каза...

Прекрасна пола,дано шивачът успее да ти я направи по мярка :))

В 29 юни 2011 г., 13:11 ч. , Blogger Sick by Trend каза...

wow! very beautiful skirt. Love the color and shape!:D I'm following!

Look my blog and if you like it, follow me! :)




В 30 юни 2011 г., 7:15 ч. , Blogger Audrey Leighton каза...

wow!beautiful photos, beautiful skirt!

love from paris

В 30 юни 2011 г., 8:33 ч. , Blogger Kiran Bajaj Sawhney каза...

pretty skirt. Pretty color.

В 30 юни 2011 г., 14:46 ч. , Blogger the nyanzi report каза...

that green skirt is absolutely beautiful!

В 1 юли 2011 г., 5:06 ч. , Blogger Mira каза...

Whoa! Amazing color!

I would probably wear it with a blouse, a huge necklace and my Jeffrey Campbell shoes :)

В 1 юли 2011 г., 7:58 ч. , Blogger Vanesa каза...

The first one is so nice!!!


В 1 юли 2011 г., 10:02 ч. , Blogger Thrift_Queen каза...

az sum za baggy teniska zaga6tena (boje kakva bezumna duma, zaedno s "potnik" mi e lyubima) v polata, s tassel belt i chunky heels i razbira se, satchel bag:)))

В 2 юли 2011 г., 4:24 ч. , Blogger ChiccaStyle каза...

WOW,pleated green skirt:absolutely chic!!!Love it!

В 2 юли 2011 г., 12:20 ч. , Blogger Pieter каза...

What a fun skirt! x


В 3 юли 2011 г., 0:26 ч. , Blogger vintage process каза...

I love it! So cool!

В 3 юли 2011 г., 8:04 ч. , Blogger La Mode En Rose каза...

thanks for the lovely comment! i'm looking foward to your next post!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

В 3 юли 2011 г., 23:36 ч. , Blogger Irene's Closet каза...

The first skirt is amazing :d


В 4 юли 2011 г., 5:31 ч. , Blogger Bang and Buck каза...

mint is so beautiful! one of my favourite colours of the moment.



В 4 юли 2011 г., 7:16 ч. , Blogger Tanja-Mia каза...

love it! follow me ;)

В 4 юли 2011 г., 10:49 ч. , Blogger noura. каза...

ooooh wow

В 5 юли 2011 г., 4:03 ч. , Blogger Miss Molly каза...



В 6 юли 2011 г., 3:18 ч. , Blogger Fashionistable каза...

I think you are right and white will be perfect with this wonderful green skirt. Xxxx

В 6 юли 2011 г., 5:06 ч. , Blogger Cristina L. каза...

amazing skirt with pleating...

В 6 юли 2011 г., 9:45 ч. , Blogger FASHIONWHIT каза...

So lovely!

You've got a really cute blog, maybe you'd like to follow each other?


В 6 юли 2011 г., 12:43 ч. , Blogger Sisters and Sisters каза...

Love the skirt, just wear it when you thinks it is the most comfortable!

H&C from Amsterdam

В 7 юли 2011 г., 15:31 ч. , Blogger Isabella Éclairés Rakonić каза...

Nice post. And <3 the photos on your blog :)

if you like it we can follow each other :*

В 9 юли 2011 г., 15:45 ч. , Anonymous Анонимен каза...

Gorgeous color, one of my favorites this season! I am sure it will look incredible on you!

The Internet Garbage

В 10 юли 2011 г., 2:29 ч. , Anonymous le blog mode Miss Zaza каза...

so pretty ! lovely color !

В 12 юли 2011 г., 21:35 ч. , Blogger Marissa Joy каза...

Beautiful skirt! So beautiful!


В 14 юли 2011 г., 0:12 ч. , Blogger My Style Canvas каза...

This skirt is beautiful--The color reminds me of mermaids.

В 17 юли 2011 г., 5:52 ч. , Blogger Vanessa, Take only Memories каза...

What a beautiful skirt! The color is perfect!

В 20 юли 2011 г., 11:06 ч. , Blogger Mónica C. Welton каза...

amazing colors!


В 22 юли 2011 г., 6:04 ч. , Anonymous thefashionguitar каза...

Gorgeous skirt!!

XO Charlotte

В 22 юли 2011 г., 20:10 ч. , Blogger jill каза...

this skirt is so beautiful, it looks like stained glass. I would wear it with either a light peach shirt of maybe something white.

x. jill

В 30 юли 2011 г., 18:22 ч. , Anonymous Grazziella каза...

Love that skirt and her colors
PLEASE can you check out my blog ??
hope you will like it ^^

В 2 август 2011 г., 7:54 ч. , Anonymous Анонимен каза...

i like it so much. i hope check it out soon!



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