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Let me present you my new pieces. Well, actually just one of them is a new buy, but as all of them came to me in the last 2 days, I call them my newbies :)

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The first one is a flower pin I made by myself from the cloth of an old shirt. I loved the colour and the fabric and I desperately wanted to make some spring-y DIY thing. I had to burn the endings because the fabric started to ravel and spread threads all over the place. Well, I like how it turned out in the end.
This is a dress by the French brand Sinequanone. It belonged to my cousin, but she gave it to me the other day because she gained some weight due to her pregnancy and it doesn't fit her anymore. And well, who could refuse such a great offer, moreover the dress suits me perfectly. :) The only bad thing is that the weather is already too hot for it..so eventually I’ll have to wait till autumn to wear it.. but I promised myself that whatever the weather, I’m going to wear it at least once until then :)
And this is actually the only thing that is really new- my new glasses. I started wearing glasses 4 years ago and since then I haven’t changed my pair. But as my diopter has changed a bit, I didn’t feel my old ones so good and needed to purchase new ones. And I procrastinated this for about 2 years. One of the reasons for that was my hardships with finding the right pair. I’ve tried hundreds of frames and it appeared that the ones I liked didn’t suit me at all and I looked good with the most ridiculous ones. But not anymore. Because I found them, the perfect ones. They’re by Emporio Armani and I just love them. And, what’s more important, now I have much better vision. :)

Sorry for the quality of the photos, but as G wasn't around, I had to snap them with my old camera which is far less good than G's Olympus monster :)

Wish you a happy new week :)


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В 15 май 2011 г., 10:07 ч. , Blogger Ellaine каза...

Очилата са страшни, другите неща също, но очилата- жестоки са! Браво за избора :))

В 15 май 2011 г., 10:08 ч. , Blogger Софи К. каза...

The dress is very beautiful. Bravo for the flower!

В 15 май 2011 г., 11:54 ч. , Blogger Evie каза...

Супер си се справила с цветето и честити други придобивки! :)

В 15 май 2011 г., 13:17 ч. , Blogger Thrift_Queen каза...

kolana e ot primark, zimata go vzeh i beshe 2p:) polu4ih dosta protivore4ivi mnenia za nego no si go haresvam mng:)

В 15 май 2011 г., 15:05 ч. , Blogger Michaela каза...

I like the dress :-)

My blog
xoxo Michaela

В 16 май 2011 г., 3:15 ч. , Blogger Marella каза...


В 16 май 2011 г., 4:48 ч. , Blogger Paola каза...

answer:thank you so much for your lovely comment!!!


В 16 май 2011 г., 7:01 ч. , Anonymous Lee Oliveira каза...

And you did well.. Love the blouse with a flower touch
lee x

В 16 май 2011 г., 8:15 ч. , Blogger Mode Junkie каза...

great 'new' things! <3 love that flower pin!


В 16 май 2011 г., 13:17 ч. , Blogger Tony SHT каза...

Леле, цветето е станало супер! И роклята изглежда доста добре, аз ако бях на твое място щях да си я разхождам ако не навън, то поне в къщи :D

В 16 май 2011 г., 13:48 ч. , Blogger Fashionistable каза...

Great post. Nice new glasses and love your DIY flower. Can you show us some time how you made it? Xxxx

В 16 май 2011 г., 16:49 ч. , Blogger Amber каза...

Loving the dress. The flower is so pretty <3

В 16 май 2011 г., 19:37 ч. , Blogger Zarna каза...

loving your glasses! so cooL!

В 16 май 2011 г., 20:32 ч. , Blogger Flashes of Style каза...

Loveee the flower! <33

В 16 май 2011 г., 22:51 ч. , Blogger Amber каза...

so cute!


В 17 май 2011 г., 22:41 ч. , Blogger MT Days & Nights каза...

great 3 items!


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