сряда, 18 май 2011 г.

weekend in Istanbul

Tomorrow I head off to Istanbul for the weekend. I'm so excited, haven't been there before! So I'm open to any recommendations about cafes, restaurants, street markets, shops, streets, everything!
I hope to be able to take some nice photos to share here, because as far as I've heard, Istanbul is a really beautiful place.
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В 18 май 2011 г., 14:24 ч. , Blogger Fashionistable каза...

I havent been either but my husband has and also says it is beautiful Have a wonderful time. Looking forward to hearing about your trip. Xxxx

В 19 май 2011 г., 1:28 ч. , Blogger vintage process каза...

Amazing picture!

В 19 май 2011 г., 2:42 ч. , Blogger Thrift_Queen каза...

auuu it's my favorite city:)have fun:)))


В 19 май 2011 г., 3:46 ч. , Blogger the nyanzi report каза...

we look forward to hearing about your trip. have fun!

В 19 май 2011 г., 6:44 ч. , Blogger Sassi каза...

hope you'll have a great time!

В 19 май 2011 г., 11:26 ч. , Blogger Gabrielle каза...

Lucky! have fun

В 19 май 2011 г., 19:39 ч. , Blogger Kristen каза...

hope you have a great time!

В 19 май 2011 г., 21:35 ч. , Blogger Fashion Rehab каза...

Hope you have a blast :)

Fashion Rehab

В 20 май 2011 г., 5:42 ч. , Anonymous THE CHEAP каза...

Wow! How exciting! Have a great trip! And shoot some great photos! <3


В 20 май 2011 г., 6:58 ч. , Blogger Angela каза...

Tres belle photo!!!

Angela Donava

В 20 май 2011 г., 9:02 ч. , Blogger Advice From A Caterpillar каза...

HAVE A SUPER RAD trip babe!!! AMZZZZIn photo!!!
xoAdvice From A Caterpillar Store


В 22 май 2011 г., 11:15 ч. , Anonymous Анонимен каза...

♥ unreal. love your blog.)) ♥

В 23 май 2011 г., 6:37 ч. , Blogger Jazzy E (hivenn) каза...

have a blast! x hivenn

В 31 май 2011 г., 16:59 ч. , Blogger Strawberry Freckleface каза...

I want to go! So fun. xo

strawberry freckleface

В 19 юли 2011 г., 11:59 ч. , Blogger Gaby de Modacapital каза...

I really love your blog !I follow you :D
... maybe if you want, you could visit my blog too ( I hope you like it) ;)
Kisses from México city!


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