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DIY shirt (old project)

Inspired by Thrift queen’s post about a DIY shirt, I decided to show you one of my DIY projects too. I made it some time ago, after another wardrobe crisis of the type “too many clothes, but nothing to wear”. On the bottom of the lowest shelf in my closet, I found a black elastic t-shirt with a “V” neckline that I had forgotten when and why I have bought. I put it on and then I found out why it was on the bottom of the lowest shelf – the cleavage was way too deep.
But suddenly, I came upon a bright idea!

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I thought that I could sew a panel of a shirt in the front area and make an imitation of a shirt underneath. And since I was formerly inspired by a Moschino design of a tee with a giant tartan bowtie, I made my choice. And it appeared too complicated to tailor a shirt panel , so I just got one of my Dad’s old pleated shirts and cut the front area. I cut the collar too, for a more feminine look. Then, I hemmed a long band of the rest of the fabric and sewed it in the two front sides of the collar, to create the bow tie effect. (I made it wider in the ending for the ‘ribbon’ look)
And Voila! Instead of the boring black shirt with too deep cleavage, now I have a cute shirt and most importantly, I’m so happy that I did it myself and came up with the idea all of a sudden. Because I always like when people think creatively and are not so lazy as just to go and buy whatever comes to their mind.

P.S.: I still have some hardships in combining it in an outfit, though. Any ideas?

P.P.S.: So sorry for the quality of the photos, but I had to make them with my own camera which is a non professional one and the light wasn't very good  too.


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В 28 май 2011 г., 12:15 ч. , Blogger LOVETHEFABRIC каза...

I love the idea of the blouse underneath the dress^^

В 28 май 2011 г., 13:09 ч. , Blogger Thrift_Queen каза...

Strahotna e:) tochno kato Moschino:)
mislia da otkradna ideyata po-natam. BRAVO:)

В 28 май 2011 г., 13:31 ч. , Blogger Devil_kin каза...

Ей,браво супер е станало.Много ми харесва именно завързването около шията.

В 29 май 2011 г., 1:28 ч. , Blogger the nyanzi report каза...

very creative indeed. it is beautiful!

В 29 май 2011 г., 4:54 ч. , Blogger vintage process каза...


В 29 май 2011 г., 6:51 ч. , Blogger Fashion Insanity каза...


В 29 май 2011 г., 10:54 ч. , Blogger Ellaine каза...

страхотно се е получило! Браво! :)

В 29 май 2011 г., 12:10 ч. , Blogger H A R R Y G O A Z каза...

Have a GREAT week !

В 29 май 2011 г., 14:31 ч. , Blogger Michaela каза...

I like the pattern of the blouse :-)

My blog
xoxo Michaela

В 29 май 2011 г., 17:36 ч. , Blogger Becca. каза...

fab diy!


В 29 май 2011 г., 19:34 ч. , Blogger CMB каза...

thats a great way to spice up any old black shirt!


В 29 май 2011 г., 22:15 ч. , Blogger Vera каза...

Ole strahotno e! Chudesna rabota! Mnogo mi haresva kak si go kombinirala s chernata pola! xx

В 30 май 2011 г., 3:52 ч. , Blogger Becca. каза...

love the checks!

thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

В 30 май 2011 г., 9:17 ч. , Anonymous Анонимен каза...

♥ nice post.)) love your blog.)) ♥

В 30 май 2011 г., 23:30 ч. , Blogger Natalie Suarez каза...

super cute! i love it :)


В 31 май 2011 г., 9:11 ч. , Blogger Fashionistable каза...

I really love your bright idea. It is brilliant. Xxxx

В 31 май 2011 г., 10:08 ч. , Anonymous Hanna каза...

lovee this DIY!!:) such an orginal idea!:)

В 31 май 2011 г., 18:32 ч. , Blogger Zarna каза...

that looks amazing! great DIY!

В 31 май 2011 г., 20:51 ч. , Anonymous Анонимен каза...

how cute and what a great idea! so glad you got to visit turkey too, it's such an amazing place!


В 31 май 2011 г., 23:38 ч. , Blogger Irene's Closet каза...

I love love love love your blouse!


В 1 юни 2011 г., 6:06 ч. , Blogger Plami каза...

Great idea and great job! love it!



В 1 юни 2011 г., 6:46 ч. , Blogger Tony SHT каза...

Обожавам панделки около врата! И, следователно, много харесва работата ти! Може и аз да опитам по-нататък :) Браво!

В 1 юни 2011 г., 6:50 ч. , Blogger pixelhazard каза...

Hey, thats super cute!

Bright Green Laces

В 1 юни 2011 г., 10:29 ч. , Blogger Sisters and Sisters каза...

love it, your style is amazing and your blog is lovely..

do you wanne follow us ? than we can follow you back xoxoxoo


В 1 юни 2011 г., 20:16 ч. , Blogger MT Days & Nights каза...

super preppy and cute!

В 1 юни 2011 г., 22:06 ч. , Blogger Kiran Bajaj Sawhney каза...

Love your blog. Can we follow each other?

В 2 юни 2011 г., 6:31 ч. , Blogger Jazzy E (hivenn) каза...

Amazing. x hivenn

В 2 юни 2011 г., 7:42 ч. , Blogger Fash Boulevard каза...

You are very creative. This is perfect. I love how you could add this to so many different tops in your wardrobe. Great colors as well. Love your blog.

I would love if you could stop by my celebrity style and fashion blog sometime. xoxo

Also follow me on blog lovin.

В 2 юни 2011 г., 10:10 ч. , Blogger Kiran Bajaj Sawhney каза...

following you

В 2 юни 2011 г., 11:05 ч. , Blogger Emilia Alonso каза...

hey your pictures are incredible! following you of course!, kisses from argentinaaa

В 2 юни 2011 г., 12:22 ч. , Blogger Fashionfifth каза...

The blouse and the dress look so good together

x Fashionfifth

В 2 юни 2011 г., 13:42 ч. , Blogger Sisters and Sisters каза...

We love it!
And we are now your newest followers!

H&C from Amsterdam

В 8 юни 2011 г., 6:38 ч. , Blogger La Mode En Rose каза...

it look nice! i like the black dress!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

В 28 юни 2011 г., 21:03 ч. , Blogger kendal croix. каза...

such a perfect idea!

В 9 юли 2011 г., 11:02 ч. , Blogger Pieter каза...

I love this!
Very creative x



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