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Childish as I am

It's official: I'm probably the worst blogger ever.But since my last post I just couldn't make it to post anything. I don't know what's happened with me. I' ve never had such lack of inspiration before. But things are getting better these days. I've got plenty of DIY things to share with you and some new buys as well.

As for today's post, I want to apologise for the poor photo quality. The photos were taken with my really old phone LG KE970i. My camera battery ran dead in the beggining of the photo session and I just couldn't miss my sudden flow of inspiration so I had to use my old, but still useful mobile.
I played with the hues on the Windows photo manager in order to have the vintage, mild-line image that I had in my head. I'm just mad about this photo effect. It looks very romantic to me and such photos always make me smile.

my new coffee mug. It's really nice to start your day with some good motivation :)
A little DIY bow I made some time ago and some little flowers I just picked from our garden.
Some of my DIY bracelets. I made them from some really old beads I recently found home. Sometimes I'm really happy about the fact that I hardly throw anything away.
I can never get enough of flowers. :)


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В 4 август 2011 г., 8:05 ч. , Blogger sana каза...

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В 5 август 2011 г., 1:07 ч. , Blogger vintage process каза...

Nice pictures!

В 5 август 2011 г., 4:53 ч. , Blogger Mónica C. Welton каза...



В 5 август 2011 г., 14:28 ч. , Blogger Harija каза...

Great photos!
Neat post... wanna follow each other!

В 6 август 2011 г., 7:22 ч. , Blogger .Candy. каза...

very cute diy projects you have there! too bad im not as organized as id want to be...most of the times i don't throw things away thinking i might find something to do with them in the future, only to forget where i had kept them and unfortunately would just go to waste..haha!


В 11 август 2011 г., 5:17 ч. , Anonymous taa каза...

I will achieve anything :) :) :)


В 14 август 2011 г., 1:36 ч. , Blogger Cylia каза...

super cute flowers:)

В 14 август 2011 г., 19:36 ч. , Blogger dina vanessa mercado каза...

i love the romantic feel of the photos! great diys! love that pink bow! i'm your follower! kisses!



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