събота, 14 май 2011 г.


Last couple of days were quite busy, hence the lack of posts, but promise to show you some nice photos as soon as possible. As for today's post, here's a video I came upon on YouTube. It's the video commercial of Nina Ricci's new fragrance for spring 2011 called 'L'air'. The video is so light and easy, so sunny and etheral...just fell in love with it. And the song is very nice too, it's called "After Hours", by The Velvet Underground.

Haven't tried the fragrance yet, but judging by the video, it's got to be great! :)

Wishing you nice rest of the weekend!


2 коментара:

В 15 май 2011 г., 6:23 ч. , Blogger Claire and Vasia каза...

This video was amazing!! So romantic...


В 3 юли 2011 г., 9:58 ч. , Blogger Patrycja каза...

nice ^^



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