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Beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina

As we promised you earlier, we're going to show you some beautiful photos from G's travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina that he visited about a week ago. There are really picturesque landscapes there and one can stay and just look at the nature and it's beauties in an ultimate calmness and complete solitude. Here are some of Saraevo's, Mostar's and Visegrád's really enchanting places.

Old bridge of Visegrád

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Waterfalls near Mostar

View from Visegrád's bridge

The most famous bridge of Bosnia and Herzegovina

A beautiful cypress forest

Town of the artists in Herzegovina

Window shutters of Mostar

The bridge of the outbreak of the 1st World War

And a little bit of Bosnia's streetstyle- that's Manu, one of G's new friends :)


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15 коментара:

В 8 май 2011 г., 11:43 ч. , Blogger Ivanina каза...

Lovely photos! Not sure if they are post-processed but the colors are really awesome. Cheers! ;-)

В 8 май 2011 г., 12:22 ч. , Blogger the nyanzi report каза...

i'm so impressed by this photography. great job.

В 8 май 2011 г., 12:34 ч. , Blogger Ellaine каза...

страхотни снимки, изглежда страшно красиво...а и аутфита е много як :))))

В 8 май 2011 г., 13:38 ч. , Blogger Fashionistable каза...

What a beautiful place. Wonderful pictures. Xxxx

В 8 май 2011 г., 14:08 ч. , Blogger Breshna S. каза...

wow this is really amazing, I've always heard Bosnia is a beautiful country! really need to visit :)


В 8 май 2011 г., 15:36 ч. , Blogger LaurenSchoon каза...

These photos are so beautiful!

В 8 май 2011 г., 17:31 ч. , Anonymous THE CHEAP каза...

Wow! So beautiful! It's takes me to another place!


В 8 май 2011 г., 19:21 ч. , Blogger Strawberry Freckleface каза...

Wow. I am in extreme awe here. I had no idea Bosnia was so surreal. I need to go there. The water is insane and the architecture is so beautiful.

strawberry freckleface

В 8 май 2011 г., 21:04 ч. , Anonymous Анонимен каза...

wow these are just amazing, the waterfalls and the bridge! i think Bosnia might have to get on my list of places to visit.

between, new follower here. i found you through The Cheap =)

love your posts, keep them up!


В 9 май 2011 г., 4:57 ч. , Blogger Francesca R каза...

I've been there and actually loved it!

В 9 май 2011 г., 7:25 ч. , Blogger Rosa Pel каза...

lovely photos ! its wonderful

В 9 май 2011 г., 7:49 ч. , Blogger LA каза...

Awesome places!


В 9 май 2011 г., 12:46 ч. , Blogger Tanja-Mia каза...

cute blog, so lovely!
follow me :)

В 10 май 2011 г., 8:25 ч. , Blogger Julia_Julia каза...


В 17 май 2011 г., 21:31 ч. , Blogger reub-envision каза...



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