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We're leaving in two days..and it will be officially autumn for us when we got back( I know the fall season has already started, but where we're going the temperatures are still summery high).
So I decided to show you my most loved(and worn) items for the (already past)summer season.
(I used too many commas in the last two sentences, didn't I? :)))) )

However, meet my favorite summer picks. I hope to meet some of them next summer too! :)

They were long and flared. And utterly damaged at the end of the leg. I cut them, hemmed them and didn't get out of them the whole summer :)
Got the first pair at the end of last summer for 7 euro. The other one is from this year. Can't decide which pair I love more :)
The H&M oversized cardi...it's so light and cute, even when worn over my bikinis. And, of course, the 'friendships'. Everyone had to have them this Summer. I didn't take them off even when I was at the seaside, but they stayed true to me and never left me :)
The tee wins the prize of 'the most loved and worn tee' for this summer. Got it at Kenvelo at sale for 6euro, discounted from 17euro. And the white tank, ofcourse. The all time summer basic. You just can't survive the hot season without having one. Or two...or more :)))


понеделник, 12 септември 2011 г.

Seaside photo diary

Hi, everyone! We're back from our Black sea holiday, full of sun, smiles and unforgetable memories! Fortunately (and hopefully), even better days are to come! The day after tomorrow we're heading to a lovely Greece island to go surfing! That's a great way to keep the summer a little longer as here in Bulgaria the hot days are almost over. And it's amazingly beautiful there, promise to show some photos after! Until then - we wish you to have a lot of fun under the last summer sun rays! :)

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