събота, 30 април 2011 г.

Now I wanna be your dog :)

I just found this video on youtube and couldn't help but post it here. I think it's quite creative as it has been made all from diegetic sounds. :)

And here's the Émilie Simon verison of the song. I like it a lot, it's so chilling :)


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петък, 29 април 2011 г.

My little treasury

This post is going to be e little bit more personal. Yesterday G left for Bosnia and Herzegovina for the weekend. We hope he’s going to take many great photos to share with you later. Until then, I decided to show you some of my treasures. I call them that way, because each one of them is really precious to me. Because all of them have their histoy and I have a special feeling to every single piece. Let me tell you their stories…

The silver ring

My Mom found this silver ring on the street in a cold winter day a couple of years ago. Since she wears gold, she gave it to me. I love it, although I don't wear it very often because it's quite uncomfortable.

The Miss Sixty watch
A Christmas present from G in 2009. That time I was gone crazy about Miss Sixty watches and jewellery and I desperately wanted to buy a watch. So it was really a great present. And I love its design, I call it 'Dracula' because it looks to me like a coffin. Actually the real name of the model is Sixty Star :)

The Roxy pendant
Another present from G. He gave me this little Roxy pendant last year when I was studying hard for my term exams. It definitely gave me strength and will to pass all of them. :)

The Comme des Garçons inspired skirt
My Mom sewed me this skirt from a fabric she bought for herself couple of years ago. I recently found it and it instantly reminded me of that Comme des Garçons Shirt striped skirt. And since I'm not very good at sewing (unfortunately), I begged her to sew me a skirt from the fabric. She wasn't very keen on my request at first(she sews very rarely as she has much other work to do), but I think she was also pleased by the final result.

That's all for now, if you're interested I can show you some other pieces from my closet sometime. :)


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четвъртък, 28 април 2011 г.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever...

Photos from Google

They are young. They are delicate. They are innocent and celestially beautiful. They seem as they are made of porcelain. They are the muse every artist is in search of.
They are just Freja and Lindsay.
Needless to say more.


* The title of the post is a quote from John Keats' poem Endymion

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сряда, 27 април 2011 г.

It surely does

Today's post is not very much connected with fashion. But just had to post this beautiful photo which G took two days ago while we were hanging out. The interesting thing about it is that the electric post actually is disfunctional. It doesn't have wires. And the blooming tree was so beautiful and it smelled like heaven, with hundreds of bees buzzing around it. I made some colour corrections afterwards and added the text, cause I really liked how it corresponds with the general idea.
Hope you like it :)


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вторник, 26 април 2011 г.

Somewhere over the rainbow..is Elisa!

Photos taken from: Altamira, All the pretty birds, Citizen Couture, Vanessa Jackman, Garance Dore, Harper's Bazaar, GastroChic, ezine1.com

A little bit of a photo overload, but I couldn't resist on making a post about her. Elisa Nalin is a huge source of inspiration. Not only is she a very beautiful woman, but she also has a great style. With all her bright outfits and bold colour blocking she creates great combinations that are so fresh and energizing for this season. And she's not that extravagant and eccentric as Anna Dello Russo, which also wins her points in my book.


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понеделник, 25 април 2011 г.

Pick the flowers from my dress

Mango Spring/Summer '08 catalogue

As you have probably already noticed, we are kind of obsessed with photoshoots taken couple of seasons ago that look very fresh and up to date right now.
So, here it is today's inspiration: a big pattern maxi dress. Yummy :)

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неделя, 24 април 2011 г.

Right behind the corner

skirt: DIY
oxford shoes: some Italian brand

pants: vintage
brogues: D&G
watch: Sector

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Vogue Flowers

This video holds so much spring energy! Enjoy!

Happy Easter!

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събота, 23 април 2011 г.

Le Bon Macaron

За първи път през живота ми, ми се прииска да крада!!!
Седмица след като се върнах от Париж, вече бях развил неистова абстиненция...към какво ли? 168 часовата липса на френски макарони ме изнервяше, подтискаше и разплакваше на моменти. Тогава видях ТЯХ! Или не, по-скоро ТЕ видяха мен!
Правейки уж здравословен сутрешен джогинг, минах покрай “100 грама сладки”.
Някой от вътре тихичко ме гледаше. Погледнах го и аз. ТЕ сладко се бяха сгушили- в ляво от ябълковия тарт, в дясно от сладкия лимонов киш и точно под кошницата с масленки. Строго подредени в колонки, с леки отклонения, дължащи се на някоя по-голяма черупка, от ляво на дясно: зелени с вкус на шам фъстък,светло жълти с вкус на ванилия, жълти с вкус на лимон, лилави с вкус на виолетка, светло кафяви с вкус на капучино, кафяви с вкус на шоколад, и обратното: кафяви с вкус на шоколад, светло кафяви с вкус на капучино, лилави с вкус на виолетка, жълти с вкус на лимон, светло жълти с вкус на ванилия, зелени с вкус на шам фъстък, и от ляво на дясно и от дясно на ляво и пак и пак и пак..........
Преди да се усетя ближех страстно витрината и слюноотделях. Бяхме толкова близо един до друг и то в България! Страхотно!!! Но, разделяха ни 40см, 1,5см от които стъкло и табелка с надпис 70лв/кг. Еххх.......Тогава разбрах,че съм по шорти и единствените ценни неща у мен бяха няколко ключа от вкъщи и МP3 плейър. Моменталически бях готов да разменя какво ли не за ТЯХ (дори и пръст или ръка). За жалост това нямаше как да стане, поне не и в истинския живот.
Крадеше ми се, и то много!!!

(…следва продължение...)

For the first time in my life, I wanted to steal!
It was just a week after I came back from Paris when I had an unbearable crave. About what, you would wonder.A 168hour lack of French macarons was getting me nervous and in some moments I was even on the brink of crying. Then I saw THEM! Or, to be more precise, THEY saw me.
While I was doing my supposedly healthy morning jog, I passed by the “100gr sweets” Patisserie. There was someone from the inside that was quietly looking at me. I looked at it too. THEY were cutely huddled up next to each other – on their left stood the apple tart, on their right was the sweet lemon pie and right above them was a plate full of butter sweets. THEY were orderly arranged, but with some slight diversions owed to some bigger pieces, and from left to right: pistachio flavoured, vanilla flavoured, lemon flavoured, lavender flavoured, cappuccino flavoured, chocolate flavoured and in the opposite order – chocolate, cappuccino, lavender, lemon, vanilla, pistachio… from left to right, from right to left...again and again...
Suddenly I found myself licking the glass passionately. We were so close to each other, moreover it was happening here- in Bulgaria! It was great! But, we were separated by 40cm, from which 1.5cm was the glass of the shop window and a table saying “70lv per kilo”. Doh. Then I realized that I was wearing just my shorts and the only worthy things I held were couple of keys from home and my music player. I would immediately trade literally everything for THEM (even one of my fingers or an arm). But it wasn’t possible, at least not in the real life.
I wanted to steal. A lot!

(...to be continued…)

G (the other half of beesandbugs)

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петък, 22 април 2011 г.

Acta Non Verba

Today's inspiration:

Dakota Johnson for Mango spring '09 catalogue

Again, a bit old one, but the look is very much in vogue this spring. And the message of her tattoo is quite witty: Acta non Verba means 'Act, don't talk!'

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четвъртък, 21 април 2011 г.

Dark and light, day and night...

Which one would you choose?

The photos are from an ad campaign of the Greek brand YZATIS. Although it's a bit old one, the whole catalogue is full of inspirational photos and the model Lisa Cant is simply stunning in each one of them.

Photography: Nikos Papadopoulos
Model: Lisa Cant
Photoshoot for YZATIS Spring summer 2006 Collection

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сряда, 20 април 2011 г.

I got the key...

...now I just need to find the right door.

блуза: Винтидж (на майка ми); колие: DIY
Shirt: Vintage (my mother's); necklace: DIY

L [one half of beesandbugs :) ]

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вторник, 19 април 2011 г.

Street Art

Изкуството може да съществува в множество форми...
и всяка една от тях е красива :)

Art could take so many forms..
and each one of them is beautiful :)

Picture 1 and 2: taken in Paris

Picture 3 and 4: taken in Valencia

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A little bit of swing

От известно време сме пристрастени към тази песен (и не само) на ню суинг бандата Tape Five. Чуйте и другите им песни, много са готини :)

We are currently obsessed by this song (and not only this one) by the 'new swing' band Tape Five. Check out their other songs, they rock :)


неделя, 17 април 2011 г.

The birth.

pic from http://christdeformed.tumblr.com

Първите неща винаги са малко плашещи и често изглеждат трудни и несигурни. Започването на блог не е изключение от това, или поне така е в нашия случай. Затова първият ни пост ще бъде кратък. Ние сме две същества, които обичат усмивките. Затова се усмихваме много, а също обичаме да караме и околните да се усмихват. Затова с този блог ще се стараем да правим това колкото се може по-често: с някоя винтидж находка, вкусна рецепта, вдъхновяваща снимка или хубава песен.
Усмихнете се заедно с нас :)

Hello everyone!
First things in life are always a bit scary and insecure. Starting a blog doesn't make an exception, or at least that's the case with us. That's why our first post is going to be quite short. We're two creatures, who love smiling. Because of that we smile a lot, and we love to make other people smile too. And with this blog we'll try to make it as often as we can- should it be with a vintage or thrift find, delicious recipe, inspiring photo or a great song.
Smile with us :)