вторник, 23 август 2011 г.

Better late than not at all

While probably most of you are already thinking about fall, for us the summer has barely started. Tomorrow we're heading to one increadibly beautiful place at the Black sea seaside, where we'll stay for three weeks if everything goes on plan. We promise to stay tuned and post nice photos as regularly as it's possible :)
And since for us the summer doesn't end until October, after our Black sea holiday we're planning going on a surf trip to a Greek island. Fingers crossed nothing stands in our way to that so desired September holiday :)

photo: bees and bugs 

bees and bugs

четвъртък, 18 август 2011 г.

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck...

Then.. it's a customized Mandarina Duck handbag :)

It belonged to my Mom and it's quite old and a bit worn out at the angles. But I loved it the minute I found it at the bottom of her wardrobe. Didn't like the handles, though. It had one long adjustable handle that made the design a bit old fashioned and it was quite shabby. So.. what else could I do, but start another DIY project?

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събота, 6 август 2011 г.

Tribute to Clemence

Clemence Poesy's beauty doesn't need to be spoken of. She is just gorgeous - delicate, enchanting and so graceful. She has this typical French appeal, quite different from the Hollywood beauty stereotype.
By the way, when I think of the 'Chloe' brand, I think of her. I don't know why, but to me she is 'the Chloe girl'. She's just it - the image, the spirit, the style that Phoebe Philo wanted her clothes to bring.

Photo source: www.clemence-poesy.org


четвъртък, 4 август 2011 г.

Childish as I am

It's official: I'm probably the worst blogger ever.But since my last post I just couldn't make it to post anything. I don't know what's happened with me. I' ve never had such lack of inspiration before. But things are getting better these days. I've got plenty of DIY things to share with you and some new buys as well.

As for today's post, I want to apologise for the poor photo quality. The photos were taken with my really old phone LG KE970i. My camera battery ran dead in the beggining of the photo session and I just couldn't miss my sudden flow of inspiration so I had to use my old, but still useful mobile.
I played with the hues on the Windows photo manager in order to have the vintage, mild-line image that I had in my head. I'm just mad about this photo effect. It looks very romantic to me and such photos always make me smile.

my new coffee mug. It's really nice to start your day with some good motivation :)
A little DIY bow I made some time ago and some little flowers I just picked from our garden.
Some of my DIY bracelets. I made them from some really old beads I recently found home. Sometimes I'm really happy about the fact that I hardly throw anything away.
I can never get enough of flowers. :)


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