събота, 28 май 2011 г.

DIY shirt (old project)

Inspired by Thrift queen’s post about a DIY shirt, I decided to show you one of my DIY projects too. I made it some time ago, after another wardrobe crisis of the type “too many clothes, but nothing to wear”. On the bottom of the lowest shelf in my closet, I found a black elastic t-shirt with a “V” neckline that I had forgotten when and why I have bought. I put it on and then I found out why it was on the bottom of the lowest shelf – the cleavage was way too deep.
But suddenly, I came upon a bright idea!

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вторник, 24 май 2011 г.

Turkish delight

I'm back from Istanbul! I had an amazing time there, the city is so beautiful! As I promised, here are some photos I made during my short visit. All of them are spontaneously made, therefore I appreciate them so much and I think each one of them has its own statement to make :)

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сряда, 18 май 2011 г.

weekend in Istanbul

Tomorrow I head off to Istanbul for the weekend. I'm so excited, haven't been there before! So I'm open to any recommendations about cafes, restaurants, street markets, shops, streets, everything!
I hope to be able to take some nice photos to share here, because as far as I've heard, Istanbul is a really beautiful place.
Photo source: Google



неделя, 15 май 2011 г.


Let me present you my new pieces. Well, actually just one of them is a new buy, but as all of them came to me in the last 2 days, I call them my newbies :)

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събота, 14 май 2011 г.


Last couple of days were quite busy, hence the lack of posts, but promise to show you some nice photos as soon as possible. As for today's post, here's a video I came upon on YouTube. It's the video commercial of Nina Ricci's new fragrance for spring 2011 called 'L'air'. The video is so light and easy, so sunny and etheral...just fell in love with it. And the song is very nice too, it's called "After Hours", by The Velvet Underground.

Haven't tried the fragrance yet, but judging by the video, it's got to be great! :)

Wishing you nice rest of the weekend!


вторник, 10 май 2011 г.

Let it Rain! *

Rain Dear is an Icelandic brand for raincoats and waterproof accessories. Their designs are really beautiful and artistic, they can brighten up every gloomy day! And despite the fact that some of the pieces are not very wearable, they're so chic! Want the one with the white printed skirt! :)

Photo sources:
1-3 Styleclicker.net
4-6 Raindear.net


* Due to some reasons Blogger was closed for the last 2 days and when it started functioning again, unfortunately most of the bloggers' last posts were deleted. Well, our somehow managed to give it the slip, but it cost many of your lovely comments on that post. So..we actually didn't get away completely. :)


неделя, 8 май 2011 г.

Beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina

As we promised you earlier, we're going to show you some beautiful photos from G's travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina that he visited about a week ago. There are really picturesque landscapes there and one can stay and just look at the nature and it's beauties in an ultimate calmness and complete solitude. Here are some of Saraevo's, Mostar's and Visegrád's really enchanting places.

Old bridge of Visegrád

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четвъртък, 5 май 2011 г.

The party coat

Source: Vogue UK, may 2008

Just can't get my eyes off this amazingly beautiful coat by Giambattista Valli. I love just everything about it - the structure, the colour, the whole cocoon-type outline.. Just everything -from the only button it has got, to the ending of the sleeves.
And given that it dates couple of seasons back - it's from a collection in 2008 (which in the world of fashion is like decades ago), makes it even more covetable. It will stand so fresh and right in place in spring 2011 too. Or at least that's how I see things.


вторник, 3 май 2011 г.

The sheltering sky

Just came across this photo session of Jessica Stam in the May 2008 edition of Vogue UK. The session is called 'The Sheltering Sky' and it's nothing but amazing!
Needless to say how incredibly beautiful she is, photographer Patrick Demarchelier did a great job behind the lens too. Here's three shots from the session, which I liked most:

Model: Jessica Stam
Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier
Fashion editor: Lucinda Chambers
Vogue UK,
May 2008

I fell in love with that Marni dress in the first photo! :)


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неделя, 1 май 2011 г.

Sun, where are thou?

As the weather here in Sofia continues to be abnormally gloomy and cold for the beginning of May, today I was literally craving for colours. And as I recently have a little crush on yellow, I decided to make a small collage of some bloggers' outfits in yellow and pink, because I really like how those two colors coordinate with each other. I got initially inspired by this photo from the Zara lookbook.

Zara Lookbook

I wish you a very successful and happy new week :)