петък, 24 юни 2011 г.

Mint dilemma (while we're gone)

First of all, we want to apologise for the recent lack of posts. G's camera got some virus on its' memory card and so many beautiful photos are gone now. We gave it to service and now we keep fingers crossed at least some of them to be saved. However, the main reason for our absence is the fact that it's the end of the semester in university and we have really hard final exams to cope with. The last exam is in two weeks and after that the real summer starts for us. :)
We can't wait for that time to come as we have something in mind connected with fashion and this blog, but we'll leave this talk for other time. Another reason why we want the summer holiday to come sooner is that we've got so many DIY ideas in mind and we can't wait to turn to actions and share the results with you!

As for today's post, it's about a skirt I bought in Istanbul, but haven't worn yet.
It's in mint color, which is quite popular this summer and I think it's gorgeous. Unfortunately, the skirt appears to be quite big for me, so I am planning to give it to a tailor to make it smaller in the waist in order to wear it more high-waisted.
The problem is, that I actually don't know how to wear it. I'm thinking a white tank, colorful bracelets and flat sandals as an option, and maybe a white blazer, but I'm not quite sure yet. So,I'm open to any opinions and advices.


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петък, 3 юни 2011 г.

Captures of May

Here are some photos that G and I took in May, showing some of the nature's beauties in springtime and details of one of my spring outfits. Some of the photos are made with his camera and others with mine, hence the difference in pictures' quality.
On the fifth photo there is something like a shelf or a table, that had been thrown away, standing right next to the garbage bins. :)

Wishing you one very funny and exciting weekend!


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